13054936_10153610117652705_1800363834_oThere is no getting around it, foster carers are the keystone to any successful animal rescue and at Guardian Angel Animal Rescue we are intensely aware of that fact, therefore we are truly grateful and honoured when people step forward to assist.

Our committee is small, dedicated and determined – make no mistake.

Our founder, Aimee Dent, is startlingly young to have such a strong following, which is testament to her intense will to achieve and her unwavering conviction to help our animals. Our fundraising members and volunteers are unbending in their resolve to raise funds for the continued growth of GAAR.

However, it has to be said, that all the willpower in the world cannot achieve homes for the unwanted, guidance to the untrained, offer a place to rest while on a journey or a safe place to heal, if there are no foster carers.

Foster carers are those marvellous people who are happy to share what they have, put up with extra mess, be inconvenienced sometimes and care for the unwell, but above all, they are those who want to HELP.

Fostering can be fun and frustrating, touching and tough, rewarding and rough.

Do you have what it takes? Apply now!