To apply for a dog from Guardian Angel, please send an email to with a detailed explanation of the home you can provide the dog in our care. 

Some of the topics we like you to cover in your application can include but is not limited to:

- Name, Address, Phone Number and email Address 

- If other dogs reside in the home and details about their size, age, breed, sexual status and personality

- Do you have cats in the home? Are they used to dogs?

- Do you have children who live with you or visit? How many? Ages? Personality?

- Do you have any pocket pets?

- What is your activity level like?

- How often will the dog receive exercise?

- What type of training do you plan to do with your dog?

- What is your fantasy dog?

- Anything else you would think we like to know 

REMEMBER, we do not know you AT ALL, so too much information is better than not enough :) 

Please allow 5 working days to be contacted once your application has been placed. 

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