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Aimee Dent  General Manager

Aimee is the Founder of Guardian Angel Animal Rescue. She lives in Adelaide in a small local town called Wasleys. She has always loved animals, especially horses. She competed competitively in Show Jumping with great success until she had her gorgeous son, Abel. Abel now has a brother by the name of Marley. Aimee’s love for animals grew and she decided to make it a career. As a teenager, she studied her certificate 1 and 2 in Veterinary Nursing and has been lucky enough to secure a job in a vet clinic. She has a huge love for dog training and has studied her Certificate in Dog Psychology and Training and is a government accredited instructor. She holds behavioural consultations, obedience classes, puppy school and board & train programs. Her fur family consist of 2 male Rottweilers – Arlee and Kyser, a working line German Shepherd dog Zelda , a French Bulldog called Meela and a cat called Opie.

Luke Clancy Committee Member 

Luke is Aimee’s partner. Luke has always grown up loving animals and trained his very first dog to a high level of obedience. Every waking moment was spent with his childhood best friend, Choco who currently resides at his parents’ home. Luke has grown up and worked with working breeds such as Kelpies. His love grew for Rottweilers when he met Aimee and now they specialise in the black and tan breed. Luke states, ‘There is never too many Rotties at home’. Luke loves spending time training and assisting Aimee with socialising the rescues.

Anna O'Leary Committee Member 

Anna is the first stop in the recruiting process for new carers onto the GAAR team. She has the help of her 3 dogs who act as nanny to the little ones and a great husband who is always ready to lend a hand. One of her greatest pleasures is watching all the dogs interact with each other and simply enjoy being. An avid lover of our natural kingdom and all its pleasures, Anna is fierce in holding to her belief that we all must try our best to cause little harm.

Lucy Hopkins Finance Officer

Lucy is the administrator of Guardian Angel Animal Rescue and manages our fundraising team and marketing activities. She is a passionate advocate for animal welfare and works tirelessly to raise the profile of our organisation as well as providing education and awareness on ethical tourism options when interacting with animals, the plight of endangered species and supporting those on the frontline via her initiative – Global Warrior. Lucy has an extensive background in risk management, compliance, quality improvement, WHS and business administration and management. This ensures our organisation meets all requirements of our charity status and licensing requirements. Lucy has two male King Charles Cavalier Spaniels (black and tan of course!).

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