Mike and Doug are two little guys taking on the big guys.

Mike is ex-fashun and decided he wanted to do something to better the world. Doug is ex-big pet food, but knew he wanted to change it.

So far, not a lot in common. But they both love dogs. And they hate that Australians were getting charged mega bucks for dry dog food that was pretty average.

Ground up dodgy meat, cheap ingredients, heavy bags, little transparency and 80% of it being headed up by two massive chocolate companies - Not on.

They decided, they were going to fix it once and for all. From the supply chain right down to how it’s delivered.

Their mission? To offer you a new breed of dog food. One that’s good for your dog, better for the planet, and easier for you.

Nutmeg Creative Logo - transparent - Hi

With her business being named after their family rescue dog, Nutmeg, dog rescue is a cause very close to their heart.

Specialising in custom greeting cards, event signage, quote cards and anything your custom made heart can dream of, Nutmeg Creative will bring their magic touch to it! Check out their Etsy store for the incredible range!


Proudly Australian owned and operated, Pawmanity are driven by a passion for dogs and a desire to increase adoption levels of homeless pets across Australia. 

Selling the highest quality car seat liners to protect your car upholstery from all your dogs adventures! Ranging from individual covers to full rear seat hammock and boot protectors.


Prospect's best kept secret, down a hidden lane off Prospect Road. Cafe Komodo are a Dog Friendly Cafe with an outside courtyard to relax and enjoy a beverage and Yes they are Licensed. Walk-ins welcome, Take Away Available

Besides offering great food for Humans, we also have a range of dog treats which are dairy, egg and gluten free.
Bandanas available for your pets


Fluff & Stuff isn't just about fluff - it's about feathers, scales, slime, exo-skeletons and squishies pets alike.

Ben Liew is the principal photographer and he's got years and years of experience photographing animals and has picked up awards from all around Australia and the world. He's all about getting great photographs that you can share with your friends and family of your beloved pet. Ben is an AIPP Master Photographer who usually runs a commercial photography business but because he loves animal so much, he decided to start sister-venture called Fluff and Stuff Pet Photography. You can see more of Ben's commercial work at his website

You'll only get the highest quality service and products from Fluff and Stuff and guarantee that your pet will be super happy and you'll adore the timeless pictures captured.


Take the Lead is a service now run by Aimee Dent privately. After working in rescue and dealing with the dogs surrendered, it was evident that there was a missing piece in the relationship between the owners and the dogs.

Our goal is to fix that missing piece and assist families and pets live a happy and harmonious life together.
Located in Two Wells, we offer Training and Boarding Packages.


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If you would like to become a Corporate Sponsor for Guardian Angel Animal Rescue, please email us at